You have put a lot of time and energy into writing, recording, practicing, and preparing to give your audience an exciting, but why does it seem like you can't sell albums, book concerts, or grow your audience?

A short description of what you can offer, a little bit of content like a photo or if you have a video, and a way to get in touch with you via email. Beyond that, you are here to provide them with a skilled trade; you aren't trying to sell them on your, "web presence," or focus on "growing your social media numbers." You are here to do the work and get the job done. This is where we come in...

All you need are a few things to get your website live.

• A Photo or A Logo
• Your Contact Information
• A Short Write-Up or Biography
• Optional: Links To Buy Your Music or Merch
• Optional: Social Media Links

That's it! And if you don't have these we can also help you with them.

OPTION 1 • $1000.ºº Flat Rate

# Of Pages: 1
Hosting Fee: 1st year free. $50/month after that.

It will look like this website in a lot of ways in terms of layout. We will change the colors to match your branding, change the email and add your phone number if you'd like. If you have a few pictures, or links to product pages, we are happy put include those as well.

Think of Package 1, as the same price as package 2, but with 2 free months included for paying upfront.

OPTION 2 • $100.ºº/month for 12 months

# Of Pages: 1
Hosting Fee: Included in your monthly payment.

We get it. Some people need to get their site live and might not be able to front the whole fee. That is the whole reason we offer this package.

NOTE: This package must be paid in full, even if you want to cancel your webiste before the first year is over (total $1200).

Don't like the packages? No problem
We offer an hourly rate so that you can get what you want.

Hourly Rate • $68.ºº/Hour

Hosting On Our Server • $50.ºº/Month

The Cost of the Domain is the Responsibility of the Client.

Do you offer more packages or bigger websites?

Some clients like our package and straightforward layout, but want a few more pages to show some more of what their company can do. Sometimes their information has changed and they want their site to be updated. This is where we apply our hourly rate. We do the work. You pay us when it's done. Then we upload it to your website.

What if I need an edit or an addition?

No problem, same as above: our hourly rate covers this.

What is "Hosting"?

Think of it like this: it is the cost associated with keeping your website online every month. You can design a website, but if you don't have a host, no one will be able to see it. If you need more clairification on this send us an email... as I'm typing this I realize that doesn't really make sense haha.

I already have hosting and a domain. I just need a website. Can you do that for me?

You bet. It's best to email us for a quote here, but you can use the above-options as a gauge for what it will cost. We can log into your existing hosting through an ftp client and get everything up and running for you. If your site needs more work than that through the cPanel we can also help you with this.

Do I get a custom email like

You can if you want, but there might be an additional fee for this. It's best to check with us at the time of ordering so we can make sure we set this up for you and help get it working on your device.

How Do We Get Started?

1. Contact us at the bottom of this page and email us the following:

• The package you are interested in.
• Any existing social media or websites.
• Your Logo. If you don't have one we can design one for you (click here to see some options we offer)
• Any samples you would like us to look at.

2. We will respond with any questions we have, and invoice you.

3. You pay the invoice according to the terms of the package you selected.

4. Once paid, we will buy your domain and begin work on your site. Our turnaround time is 2-14 business days depending on what package you have selected and how much you need done.

NOTE: No work will begin until payment is received.
NOTE: Some web-related tasks take a few days for the servers to update which is out of our control.

5. We upload your website to the host and send you a link once it's live.

6. If you are paying monthly we will invoice you roughly 1 week before your payment is due.

• If you are overdue, we have been known to be super nice guys and overlook things for a few days, but we will need to put up an "overdue" page if you are delinquent and "ducking our phonecalls". Don't be afraid to ask for a bit of help sometimes. If it's going to be an extra week before you can pay us, let us know.

Your website is how your company appears to the world. It doesn't matter what social media a client has, or doesn't have, they can always access your website and send you an email. It is one of the most important tools for client acquisition and sales.

You don't need to spend all of your time having us upload blog posts and photos to your website (but we will if you really want us to) because that's what your social media accounts are for. You DO need something that says, "Hi we are here and you can order from us today."

It doesn't have to be difficult. We know that. We had to learn to do this ourselves because it was difficult. Now we're able to help you take this burden off of your mind.

Just so you know, when we aren't running this company we are putting in some hours to the trades ourselves. We get the challenges you are facing and are trying to offer solutions to make it easier.

We look forward to working with you your website.