Welcome to Golden Oak Record Co. on the web. We’re happy you took the time to visit us. If you’re wondering what we do, let us try and clue you in a bit. If you need more, you can always click that ABOUT page or CONTACT us!

Golden Oak Record Co. started as little company focused on artist-services. In time we’ve grown to be an industry leader in quality of final product delivered to the client. When we started we were doing posters for just 1 country artist. Since then, we’ve grown into everything from professional photography, music video production, audio engineering, mixing, mastering, marketing, promotions, social media, and live event production.

We’re focused on supporting the people who make great music. No act is too big or too small to be considered for our services. Often times, if there is some strange thing we can’t do for you, one of our affiliates are more than capable of coming in to help complete the project.

Recently we had a company discussion. It seemed to be getting really confusing with all the branches we offered, and being so open to working with so many genres of music our brand identity was getting convoluted. With this in mind, we decided it was time to refocus ourselves. We issued a sub label: SUNWOLF. This allowed us to put all the wild garage, rockabilly, rock & roll, etc. out there while getting back to the Country, Roots, Blues, and Folk that Golden Oak Record Co. was founded to help build. Right now we’re in the process of reaching out to who we think are the truly authentic artists and performers in this province, and developing a structure to help them grow their brands into the big stars we know they can be.

Dont let that confuse you! We are still absolutely open to working with, and developing the skills and brands of, anyone who seems like a good fit. 99% of the time, that good fit is based on personality. So while we boot up this new roster, hang on tight because we’re not stopping with the festivals, events, and all-around-good-times.

Pop around the page. See what you like. Drop u s a line to get your music career rolling. Big time.