Golden Oak Record Co. is a Canadian record company and label. Our head office is currently located in Winnipeg Mantioba. Our roster of artists includes some of the best in authentic Country, Folk, & Blues artists in Western Canada, but we're expanding.

Let’s start with some of our back story… In our first two years we spent a lot of time focusing on grinding graphic design for one artist, while lending advice to another, all the while building the biggest and most anticipated festivals in Manitoba. We were all over the place! Don’t get me wrong, we were in it to win it, but we were spread so thin our talents were ending up thin-pressed as well. We wanted to do better. Not just for our clients, but for the amazing artists in this province.

That’s why this year we are aggressively building ourselves a roster of the kind of acts we think deserve the professional quality of production and products we are able to provide for them. We are really interested in artists who have real stories to tell through their craft. We've heard a lot of songs. We've heard a lot of those old country songs on the record, just like those old blues, and folk songs too. We're not looking to hear anything that sounds "really close" to that old standard. It's great that you can play that well and we love it, but for our roster we're looking for artists brave enough to believe in their own music and live their own stories. Most importantly of all, we are looking for good hearted people.

That's why Golden Oak Record Co. is branching out in 2019, BIG TIME. We started off 2019 by issuing a sub-label: SUNWOLF. Getting ourselves focused on our clients and roster means focusing our efforts towards a more congruent sound. SUNWOLF allows us to do this by localizing all the amazing garage, punk, rockabilly, etc. that Greg Arcade’s and Katie Wolf’s big loud production styles have made them reknowned for.

Don't let it stop you from reaching out, eh? We still have all of our services on the table for you to utilize, if you’re on our roster or not! We are happy to help any artist in any genre… scratch that. We are more than happy to help anyone in any industry and business who needs multimedia work like graphic design, web design, or content for your socials. Heck. If you want to elevate your brand give us a shout. Maybe you want us to cut you a 2 minute unique EDM track for your plumbing business that you’re going to use in a commercial that you want shot: we will help ya! If we’re the right fit of course. It’s all about building the correct B2B relationships to make sure you’re prepared for ANYTHING.

Thanks for reading. Check us out on youtube or instagram. We're other places too, but that's the best right now (I know I'm in charge of those haha).